Artist Statement


My work concentrates on re-identifying the identity given to blacks in Christian history and the world’s history. Creating work that extends the mind of many who have a limited perspective and understanding of God. God can use anybody not just a specific race, group or culture. I am switching the positions of power in the history of religious paintings. Placing African American figures to the front of these religious paintings making them seen as the religious icons that we admire so much in Christian culture. I want to give African Americans a position of a religious figure to impact how blacks are viewed in the world. Seeing How  the struggles and pain of African Americans  parallel to the Struggles  and pain faced by  the Saints documented in the bible. Also how the struggles of the saints in The Bible are related to everyday life. Through a painting I am creating something visually that can educate people on these problems making them think beyond themselves. And most importantly think of the life to come after death.